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About —

Hi I'm Mark.

I'm a student from Washington D.C. recently graduated from the College of William & Mary with degrees in mathematics and neuroscience. I currently work as a research technologist at the Miri Lab at Northwestern University.

Projects —

I'm always working on (or at least thinking about) something, so the projects I'm able to share I'll put up here.

Current Research

I'm currently working in the Miri Lab at Northwestern University studying neural dynamics of the motor cortex. More can be found here.

see older projects

PushBuddy — My freshman year of college, my friends and I competed in VT Hacks III and won second place for our hack. We wanted to tackle the confusion and frustration that comes with all the different cloud storage services out there and PushBuddy was born. I designed the website :D

District Sans — I'm currently working on designing my own typeface. District Sans is my attempt to create a humanist sans serif typeface that can be used for large bodies of text. I'm not even close to done, but here's a little preview to what I have so far.

Ribbon — My friend and I competed in the VCU Hackathon, Ramhacks, and made a neural network based around a genetic algorithm. It uses machine learning to look through articles and papers and highlight the main points. It's not completely finished right now, I'd like to fix the architecture and go through more test data but I think we did a decent job in the 24 hours we had.

Hi! —

I love meeting new people, chances are if you're here I know you personally. But if I don't, send me an email at magrios@gmail.com.

An abridged version of this website can probably be summed up in my CV